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Full Version: One particular movie will not scrape fanart... [Frodo/Beta 1]
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Using TMDb to scrape.

Every thing I have has scraped perfectly, except one particular film.

It is in the same folder as the rest of my movies.

z://Movies/Persona [1966].mkv

TMDb picks up the right movie, but I cannot get fanart to display. Even when I put it locally on my machine, the poster remains black. The backdrop will work, but only if I point to the local .jpg.

Here is my pastebin, immediately after I scrape the movie. Not sure if anyone can find anything in it...

I created a folder on my C drive called "Movie Art XBMC" and placed the correct cover art from the web (DVDEmpire.com for me usually, CDuniverse.com is another, etc.) into this folder. Then I went into my movies in XBMC, right clicked the movie with the wrong art (or no art), selected movie information, Click on choose art, click on poster, click on browse, click on CSadLocal Disk), click on movie art xbmc, and click on my image that I want to use..... Really nice
I do the same thing; just as I always have.

The issue is that this one film refuses to correctly update any poster. The poster just remains black.

Have you tried removing from the library, cleaning library and rescraping?
I have tried that, yes.