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Full Version: Flattening duplicates?
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Hello there. Long time user of XBMC but my knowledge is somewhat limited. I recently moved in with a friend who also uses XBMC. I have a NAS hooked directly to the router and he uses a USB external hard drive hooked into a computer on the network. Neither of us use it for pictures or music, just TV shows and movies.

Naturally he has some stuff on his that I don't have (and would like) and vice versa. Unfortunately, he also has some stuff that I DO have. This creates not so much a problem, but an annoyance. Duplicates are created of every movie and/or TV show episode that we both have. And neither of us really want to delete our versions of said media, because we don't plan on living together forever.

So I'm looking for solutions. Is there a way to flatten or ignore duplicates? I know I could remove them manually, but when it updates, it will re-add those back into the system. Or is there a way to exclude files, not folders from being added (see below)?

If it matters, we are both using v11.0, on several different OSes (OS X, iOS, Windows, and soon to be android) as well as an original Xbox (like I said, I've been using it for a long time)

We use the following structure for our files

TV shows: /TV Shows/Showname/Season/Episode.xxx

And movies are just all in a movies folder, not in their own folders (I would be willing to put me all in individual folders if necessary, I've just been putting it off forever, and I have like 490 movies. On a side note, if someone knows an automated way to do that it would be much appreciated)

I did look for an answer for this on here, but most of the threads I found dealt with duplicates of all files showing up.

With regards to getting your movies in separate folders there is a windows utility called file2folder that creates a folder for each file it finds and moves the file into that folder. You could then use a renaming utility to clean up the names if required.