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Full Version: How do I group movies in the poster view so that series are together and in order?
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After my movies are scraped, the scraper renames the movies and then they end up out of order at times. For example, Star Trek movies. Currently when I select my movies and scroll though them while in poster view, some movie series are not in order due to the title names. Star Trek movies start out with Wrath of Kahn and the first one The Motion Picture is at the end of the list. Indiana Jones movies are like that too. Three of the movies start out with Indiana Jones and then Raiders of the Lost Ark does not have Indiana Jones so when you scroll through my list, Raiders is completely in the wrong location.

The Harry Potter movies are all grouped together but in totally the wrong order.

Its driving my OCD nuts. I can't figure out how to get them to arrange in the proper order.
turn on movie sets.

settings -> video -> library -> movie sets

You can also edit the sort title using a tool like XWMM