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Full Version: Any way to separate Documentaries from TV Shows?
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I don't want all of my documentaries in my TV show category in XBMC.

I have a separate Documentary folder that XBMC scrapes from... are there any skins that can implement a separation easily, without having to tinker with the underlying XBMC code?
Custom Video Nodes would be my choice, http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Custom_video_nodes
I'll read into it.

If you don't feel like manually editing/creating those, potentially, complicated xml files, go check out Smart Playlists. They have the same functionality, but can be created easily from within xbmc. Also, depending on what skin you use, can be added as main/sub menu items.
Smart Playlists has the ability to remove a TV series (for instance) from the TV Show menu item, and place it elsewhere, or does it merely do shortcuts?

This feature is prevalent in Aeon MQ4, IIRC, so I might try it out. I tried MQ4 when I first started with XBMC and it was daunting, I think I'd be okay now though.