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Full Version: Keep changed titles after updating
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First of All - AWESOME software!

Things are running flawless - running the new Frodo Beta, and the HD-DTS sound i rocking my world right now Smile

I've been surfing around updates trying new skins and so on - but now i ran into a little problem. I see that all my movies are scraped from scrath (Moved and renamed my movie folder Sad) - so, of cause a new scraping!
Now I see, that movies that earlier was scraped wrong, are scraped wrong again, and I manually have to scraped those again. Is there any way to save those scrapings made manually, so I dont have to do this again?

export the video library. If you keep each of your movies in a separate folder you can export an .nfo and art for each movie into its own folder (export to separate files or multiple files). Then if you ever have the rescrape again XBMC will read this exported data before getting stuff online.

If you keep everything in one folder you can export to a single file, but then i you want to rescrape at some stage it will still go to the internet to get data. You overcome this by importing the single files you exported.

more detail in the wiki. You access the export from Settings | Video