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Full Version: Need help with subtitles.
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Hello, I'm currently using Ember Media Manager to scrape all my info and art. I have each movie in it's own folder, but I'm not sure how to get subtitles do work. I was wondering if the subtitles should go into it's own folder in the movie folder such as (C:\Movies\The Avengers\subtitles) like extrathumbs do or if I'm doing it wrong. I have the subtitles in the folder named subtitles.srt. My ember media manager isn't putting a check box next to subtitles so I know I'm doing it wrong. I don't want xbmc to scrape the subtitles since I already have them. I just need to know where they go and how the folder structure and file name should me. I can't find anything inside ember to let me add a subtitles file even though there is a column for it. Thanks for the help in advance.
Subtitle name should be the same as that of the movie name and should be placed along with the movie file.

C:\Movies\The Avengers\The Avengers.mkv
C:\Movies\The Avengers\The Avengers.srt