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Full Version: XBMC Not Reconizing New Movie Sets/Collections
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Running Eden on Win7. I use MCM for my metadata. When I add new movie sets or collections, XBMC no longer lists them as sets in my movies library. It just lists each movie individually as if they are not part of a set.

This only happens when a new set is added to the library. Existing sets are still displayed as sets. And it is not a metadata problem. If I remove an existing set from my library and then add it back, it is no longer recognized as a set, even though no metadata has changed.

The option to group movies in sets is selected in settings-video-library

Any thoughts? Thanks.
1. What are in your .nfo files?
2. Do you get sets from themoviedb normally?
Hrmmmm. The .nfo files have the <set></set> parameter blank. If I manually update that with a set name, then XBMC groups them in sets.

Still, the sets that I had previously also have an empty <set></set> parameter but XBMC sorts them as sets, just not the new ones (until I manually set it).

Previously I would just choose "Convert to set/collection" in Media Center Master and XBMC would group them as sets (empty set parameter and all). I use MCM so I do not use themoviedb to scrape inside of XBMC.