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Full Version: [RELEASE] Qobuz : an add-on for the Qobuz music streaming service
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Thanks.. will fire up the compiler again and see what we get!

[EDIT] Just re-read that you've done the build already! Will try it out.

If anyone is using an rPi there is a build available for that too in tidalf's github.
OpenELEC file not found. Will run a build here.
I need to host files elsewhere... The github retention policy looks quite random
I have OpenELEC-ION x64 working. I will upload my build tonight for others that want to try it.

One small issue is that sometimes I don't get all the tracks scanned. Re-scanning then gives me a doubled list which I can't edit or delete without clearing the library and starting again.
However, still very impressive. As a standalone plugin even without the library add-on it's still a very nice thing to have.

Only other small suggestion - although really very minor! - Maybe change the name to just 'Qobuz' - the 'XBMC' bit seems slightly unnecessary.
Yop those two need fix (incomplete scans & duplicates)
About duplicates, I'm not sure if they come when doing multiple scans or/and if an item is present in multiple playlists.

(and thx for the build!)

What a surprise to see such a project. I am so glad about your initiative. I was complaining just a few weeks ago about the lack of lossless streaming services and I found Qobuz. I am testing the premium subscription at the moment and I am really impressed by both the Android app and the WebApp. I did not try Qobuz Desktop over Wine yet. As I use xbmc to play my music library, I am really looking forward this addon. So here you will find my encouragement.
I am currently using Eden over OpeneElec so I was not able to test the plugin, but I will try to do it shortly. Frodo is mandatory right ? If only I had python skills, I would definitely help you on the project.
Yep, the Qobuz service rocks, I agree Smile
And yes, frodo is mandatory (any current openelec build will work). Maybe i'll try to make it works with Eden for ppl that can't upgrade but not today !
Thx for encouragements.

edit : i've retested with eden, it works quite ok except for gapless streaming and of course library integration.
Hmm.. latest frodo causes qobuz to crash out on login. Can't see anything helpful in the logs either.. humpf!
update the addon, it's fixed (sys.exit now cause the whole xbmc to exit... go figure Smile)

I eventually am able to test since I updated to Frodo. First I can say is that I am really impressed, it works indeed really well. I wish I could contribute to this project but my skills don't go beyond bug testing. Is there a place to report ?

I am really looking forward to the DB scan function.
Thanks for your comment Smile You could report using the issue system on github (https://github.com/tidalf/plugin.audio.qobuz/issues , you need an account on it), but maybe you'd want to wait for the release of the 0.11.0 (probably this week) as it changes lots of things (probably add new bugs and fix some others), and it adds some new features.

For the db thing, it's probably the next thing on the list Smile
Good, I will wait for the 0.11.0 release then.
it's updated to 0.11.0 in the repository, hope it's cool it's a big update : we can now scan without patching xbmc thanks to a http resolver (and thanks to showi) and some other new features (friends, pagination, etc.).
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