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Full Version: [RELEASE] Qobuz : an add-on for the Qobuz music streaming service
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I love the qobuz plug-in - works very nicely. I have a quick question though. For some reason or other my playlists are not being updated. When I add more playlists in the qobuz desktop app, or on my iPhone, these are not added to my list of playlists in XBMC. Very strange. Quitting and restarting xbmc does not help. This is a shame as I really like the concept of using qobuz through xbmc - even the sound is better, somehow. Smile
I found some sort of fix, but it's not perfect. If i choose 'empty the cache' within the qobuz add-on, and then go to playlists, my most recent additions do show up. Strange...
Hi all,

Very happy with the add-on for one year but I am a bit worried. Is someone still maintaining this ? It seems there no activity on GitHub, nor here. I am a bit worried about the future.

By the way, I have now a FLAC streaming subscription. I experience some buffering/stuttering sometimes, especially at the beginning of the song , but not exclusively. I have a 35 Mbps connection which should be largely sufficient. Any idea ? How can identify the source of the problem ?
@chris_r : sorry "empty the cache" is the only way for now, maybe we'll found a better way to detect changes done outside the addon without adding latency.

@geosftro : we don't maintain an eden version of the addon. (there is at least one pb with the python lib "request" we use, that is not updated on eden).

@julienzch : It's no more "on developpement" Smile but I use it quite often so I'll be notified if something is broken (like creating playlists for exemple, i've pushed a fix on the git this morning along with translations, 1.0.1 will hit the xbmc repo soon.)

and for the buffering/stuttering :
It's quite out of control of the addon : it just get the music file and feed it to xbmc, it should not be in charge of caching files (even if we could add some localstorage features like the desktop qobuz app do).

by the way, there is some video buffering options changes in gotham (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...ideo_cache) perhaps it also affect the audio files (it should).
Thanks for the feedback. Is there a need for a new version to work with Gotham or will the add-on be natively compatible.

For the buffering question, it happened to be a problem with my router, it sometimes needs to be restarted. By the way, when I was looking for a solution, I found this Album and Artist Cache in the settings, what does it exactly do ?
The add-on seems to be ok for gotham for now, if needed it'll be updated but i'm not worried Smile

The settings are for the cache, its the expiration delay before the addon fetch again the metadatas (i.e. albums infos, cover, new albums for an artist, etc.). It does nothing about an audio cache (there is no audio cache in the add-on).

I'll have a look about buffering options in xbmc and the effects for streaming flac. I agree, xbmc seems to be a little bit too demanding about network quality, it should buffer a littler more.
Hello, First time user of this add-on and it is awesome...thanks for bringing it to us.

Now a stupid question...how do I get Albums etc to appear in my local xbmc music library? I have some playlists in qobuz that show in the add-on..but no idea how to get albums shown..

Thanks again for this add-on..my xbmc music is now complete (goodbye spotify!!)
Many thanks for the plugin. I'm having some problems running it with XMBC on my jailbroken Apple TV 2s. I could use some advice. Many times when I try to open the addon it crashes XMBC and the AppleTV returns to the main menu. However, sometimes it does open without a crash, and then it appears to work fine. I'm getting the crashes on two different Apple TVs, both running XMBC Frodo 12.3, and the Qobuz addon 1.0.
sorry for the late answer !

@im85288, try to use the context menu "scan library" for example in a playlist in the xbmc-qobuz add-on, its not perfect but it usually works

@Toolio, i haven't tried a lot to use the add on a atv2, we need your crash log (on pastebin by im for example), but i bet it's a memory issue.
Thanks for the plug-in! I can run it on my Linux Mint PC. But on a CuBox-i2 with Geexbox, my Qobuz credentials are not accepted, I cannot log on. What could be the root cause, how could I resolve the issue?
perhaps something with the keyboard layout ?
if not try to activate debug (on the addon and on xbmc) and send us a pastebin with the xbmc.log (usually in ~/.xbmc/temp/xbmc.log)
I don't know either which xbmc version is on your geexbox
Just wanted to take a second to thank you again for this wonderful addon. I use it every day with Qobuz on my raspberry pi and jailbroken Apple TVs. I used to have bit of a problem with it on the Apple TV, but it seems to be better behaved these days with later Xbmc releases. Thanks very much for something that makes my life with Qobuz so much more enjoyable. I am in your debt.[/align]
I just installed the Qobuz plug in and I'm astounded by the sound quality compare to standard Qobuz Desktop App. However, is there a way to download cache streaming for songs so they can be played in offline mode?
This plugin is really a great stuff for people who like music. But since today there is a little issue for me: I'm limited to the listening of samples (less than one minute). Am I alone to get this problem (it could be linked to my acount) or is there anybody else who get the same problem (and in this case it's probably related to an evolution of the Qobuz API) ?
I have the same problem since 2 or 3 days : listening is limited to samples.
My Qobuz acount is ok and work properly with the Qobuz player.
I use XBMC 12.3 with Qobuz addon 1.2.0.
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