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Full Version: Blacking out everything outside 2.35:1 frame
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I have a Constant Image Height projection system with a 2.35:1 aspect screen running in 1920x1080 resolution (Linux, nvidia).

Watching native 2.35:1 movies works great since the only thing projected outside the screen is the black bar (subtitles are moved up in video calibration).

However, some directors, like Christopher Nolan, thinks that switching AR between 2.35.1 and 1.77:1 is a great idea. Obviously, with my 2.35:1 screen, the 1.77 content is projected outside the screen which looks very crappy.

I then have two options:

1) Crop everything outside the 2.35:1 screen area (1920x816)
2) Scale the 16:9 image down so that the height fits inside my 2.35:1 screen

For most movies, 2 would be the way to go. But in this particular case, I would like to do 1).

In Windows, I solved this by adding a custom resolution 1920x816 and then by using video calibration I zoomed the image so that it would take up the whole screen width. The stuff outside the 2.35:1 frame would then be cropped automatically.

In Linux however, it seems that adding a 1920x816 modeline does not work. My projector rejects it and shows me "No signal". I guess that in Windows, the driver is actually sending out a 1920x1080 picture to the projector but allowing the OS to use 1920x816 only. Linux does not do this.

So I am thinking, is it somehow possible to "add" black bars to videos that have narrower aspect than 2.35:1?

Thanks in advance for your help!

/ Jacob
I guess in much more simple words:

I want to be able to mask 1.78/1.85 movies so that no content is projected outside my 2.35:1 screen.

/ j
I decided to crop the files using Handbrake on OSX instead. 140 pixels on top and bottom gives a perfect result.

/ j
I've the same problem: Cinemascope screen with Full HD projector.
No problem with the masking of films in fulla frame format (I've a videoprocessor like Radiance) but my target is to force XBMC to have all It's graphics inside the 1920x816 window.

I do not know that Microsoft Windows permit to create a custom res. like this....
To obtain perfect compatibility with all Full HD display the HTPC must exit with a standard signal like 1920x1080 res.

In the next days I'll do a test. Let you know.

Jajoj can you give me some important tricks about this?

thank you
Hey guys two questions 4 you:
1) Cinemascope custom aspect ratio are avaliable also with ATI Graphic cards?
2) XBMC give the option to move on the vertical axis the fanart background graphics?

thank you
With Nvidia 660ti I can set a custom resolution. (1920x800ish) and with 16:9 content you can apply a little pixel ratio change and a little zoom and viola you can fill a 2:35 screen. just like the Lumagen radiance 3d mini.

I agree creating black bars would be amazing especially for the linux guy!

If XBMC gets black bar creation, Pixel ratio and zoom custom presets. Lumagen's ridiculously overpriced video processor will cease to sell.

I'm pretty sure ATI will let you do a custom resolution but at the moment i can get my catalyst control center up! I think because I cloned my hard drive.
also with the pc set at that resolution you game in 2:35.1 which by the way is freaking epic.

I dont know about you guys but ever since mario brothers i wanted to game in the theater and now you can.