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Full Version: Xeebo skin broken in the new repo
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I can not install the skin as it shows up as broken. I am using frodo beta
Because it's not Frodo compatible.
(2012-11-29, 08:50)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Because it's not Frodo compatible.

any plans to make it compatible?
Not in the near future - way too busy at the moment.
(2012-12-04, 00:27)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Not in the near future - way too busy at the moment.

no even for free candy? LOL

i understand... guess i will not be updating to frodo anytime soon then .. as all other skins don't make sense to me Smile

curious mind .. would like to know .. busy with other skin project .. or rl?
+1 for updating xeebo skin, simple and effective
+1 - favourite skin on here!
So sorry to read that! Xeebo is the best xbmc skin there is (IMHO). No need to update to Frodo on my home media centers, so I can keep it for the time being but the Android version will have to be Frodo...

And Xeebo blows the other touch-compatible skins away! I think this really misses an opportunity to get Xeebo adopted as the default skin for XBMC/Android!

Are there any alternatives with a similar fully customizable home screen? That is the killer aspect of Xeebo for me.
+1 for frodo support.
I am new to xbmc (running it on raspberry pi with raspbmc) and heard that Xeebo is a great skin :-)
Same here, great skin/theme. Literally no other skin/theme does the same thing. Wish there was some Frodo support. Really the only reason now why I haven't switched.
+1 Need it on android as well. Please...please...please... Love this skin
Any idea when it will work with Frodo?
(2013-01-31, 17:34)bonelifer Wrote: [ -> ]Any idea when it will work with Frodo?

It does
Listed as broken for me.

edit: Was an upgrade from Eden. Must have at some point installed Xeebo via zip. Totally uninstalled, reinstalled copied sources.xml and advancedsettings.xml and restarted. Installing now. Thanks. After having had used Xeebo for awhile, going back to Confluence felt like using Win 3.11 with Networking/Win32. Smile
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