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Full Version: Streaming from XBMC to Airport Express or other? (via stereo)
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Hi all!

I've been beating my brains out trying to get an answer to these questions and not getting far so I thought I would ask you guys for help.

XBMC has become the center of my world.

I've been wanting to do a wifi whole house audio solution for a long time with XBMC as the source (appletv, or linux) and the net is saturated with all kinds of half-working options. I'm not an audiophile perse so, super fidelity isn't my main goal, but having audio transmitted to speakers around the house that is fair would be fine.

So here's the setup:

XBMC send audio to A/V receiver via HDMI, then to the Home theater system.

I want to connect some kind of transmitter to the Zone2 on the receiver and pipe this audio via wifi to an AirPort express with speakers attached. This is sort of the reverse of the way I see it on the net. Most airports are sending TO the receiver.

So, at the end of the day, I don't really care how it gets done, but spending $1000 to do this really isn't in the budget (sonos, audioengine..etc)

If I could get it done for $100/room that would be great (3-4 rooms max as its a small house). Is it possible to send audio from the RCA outputs on the receiver to speakers in other rooms cheaply? That way whatever is running though the receiver also is on the remote speakers? (Bluetooth, airport express, wifi transmitters, I'm open to creativity).

Thanks in advance, Shane