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Full Version: Movie clips are choppy
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I am using ubuntu 12.04 with zotac-ion motherboard/cpu/graphic combo.
It is Atom 1.6Ghz, 2G ram and nVidia ION vga.

I am using xbmc 12.

When I play H264 720p TV series, it is really choppy, it's about 5 fps I think.

When I try to play the same file with VLC media player, it's a little bit better,
but it shows zigzag image or broken(?) image.... Not seeable .

Is the reason poor hardware?
Or some other problems? such as hw decoding or codec problems...?

I attached log file( http://bit.ly/118ztB5 ) and hw information ( http://bit.ly/UfcvTV )
Welcome to forums Smile

Thank you for posting the information required. I have a ION gen1 like yours. (Asrock 330 HT) And the resolution to your problem is mostly proper XBMC configuration.

See last link on the signature for how to fix your issues. I have same drivers version and all.

In fact all th stuff on my signature works well for the ION1 including remote things.

Let me know how it goes.