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Full Version: Pm3 bug: video overlay
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i am using xbmc 29.08.2005 .

i found, when watching a movie, and then switching to list-view by pressing the blue "x" on my gamepad, normally the video preview window in the lower left corner appears.

on my build the video preview window appears, but has ugly dimensions. so the right side of the video-preview window overlaps the screen with the files-view .. it looks really ugly.

any hints, on where to change the dimensions of the video-preview? which .xml file?

@chokemaniac: could you please fix this bug? :d

thanks a lot in advance.

videooverlay.xml... look for the control of type "videowindow"
thanks, kraqh3d.

but am i the only person who has this bug? :hmm:

no, its not just you, and while it may not be aesthetically pleasing (to you, or others), its certainly not a bug.

chokemaniac is the author of the pm3 skin, and as such, he can do whatever he likes.  if theres something you dont like, you're more than welcome to change it.  the skin can be modified however you want to suit your own needs or preferences.
the thing you maybe are talking about is the unfinished gui calibration, if you move the calibration or resize the black background on video overlay is off center or wrong, if it is set to 0 0 etc with no cal it will look sweet. skin is correct gui was stated as basic when put in. it has one or 2 other issues as well