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Full Version: Request for option to hide video osd during pause
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I've been using rapier until xbmc eden, but just tried frodo beta 1 and loving confluence. The one feature thats must have for me is an option that I can enable so that if i pause, forward rewing skip forward etc during playing a video, the video osd doesn't pop up showing me the time, the controls, or anything at all really. If i press menu the osd should pop up.

The way rapier for eden did this is to have an option in skin settings for "Hide OSD during video playback". If i enabled this option (and for me it was permanently enabled) during video playback unless i pressed menu on my remote (or m on keyboard) the osd would not show up. This way while playing a movie if i pause, play rewind or forward, it doesnt ruin the suspense of how long is left in the movie. If i really want to see that info i can press menu while paused, or while video is playing, and the osd pops up.

I think its a great option to have, and definitely lots of rapier users that enjoy this. woudl appreciate if you giv e this some thought.
I like the idea, think I'll give it a shot Wink
I think its a musthave for any skin not sure why the idea hasnt caught on. When i suggested it to scarfa for rapier he immediately implemented it and ive been using rapier ever since.

Yoire a skin dev so you obviously know where to make tye changes but i think its something to do with the dialogueseekbar.xml file.
Without looking, in Confluence it's probably split over VideoOSD.xml and DialogSeekBar.xml. Will check it tomorrow.
I am sorry for necromancing this thread, but now that Frodo is out, is there a way to toggle OSD off, for a smooth playback experience?
yup would be great to have this implemented. everytime i update xbmc i have to update the dialogueseekbar.xml file to not show the osd on play pause rewind ff. would be great to have a toggle in skin settings soon.
What did you do to the dialogueseekbar.xml file to get the OSD not to show? And do you know a way to have it hide after x amount of seconds?

after i found out that the dialogueseekbar.xml is resposible for the Pause OSD, i just renamed that file inside my confluence subdir to #dialogueseekbar.xml

When i now restart kodi, no errors, but the OSD is gone ...

when i hit the pause button, the movie is paused like before, but no OSD is shown anymore ...

Hope that helps others ...

there are ways to modify the file to your needs .. i just wanted to get rid of it for good Image