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Full Version: Could not get ARGUS TV channel guid for channel
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Pardon my lack of knowledge as I am new to XBMC and To Argus TV.

I have an Argus TV 2.0.1 setup on a backend. I have a frontend that I have installed XBMC 12 and added the plugin. I have it configured as I understand from the instructions from the Argus Wiki. When I go to watch a channel I get the following errors listed in the XBMC log.

14:40:08 T:1176   ERROR: AddOnLog: ARGUS TV client: XBMC channel with id 1 not found in the channel cache!.
14:40:08 T:1176   ERROR: AddOnLog: ARGUS TV client: Could not get ARGUS TV channel guid for channel 1.

Any thoughts?[/code]

My configuration has:

Backend Machine (MediaServer) is running Windows 8 Pro and has Argus TV installed and running. The EPG is up and running fine and when I test a manual recording it does so without issue. XBMC is not running on this machine though I have done the install.

The Frontend machine (FamilyRoom) is also a Windows 8 Pro configuration and has XBMC installed with the plugin configured and enabled. It does not have Argus TV installed.
In adding more debug information I think there is a couple of things that I might have identified. The following is in the log file:

<code>AddOnLog: ARGUS TV client: ArgusTV/Control/TuneLiveStream, body [{"Channel":{"BroadcastStart":"","BroadcastStop":"","ChannelId":"73070db8-3d35-44c4-9d3e-a105f0d314ef","ChannelType":0,"DefaultPostRecordSeconds":0,"DefaultPreRecordSeconds":0,"DisplayName":"CFCN","GuideChannelId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000","LogicalChannelNumber":null,"Sequence":0,"Version":0,"VisibleInGuide":true},"LiveStream":null}]</code>

Of interest is that the GUID is all in lower case but the SQL Server storage shows all upper case. If the search is based on a GUID comparison and not a string comparison this may work but I do not know how the comparison is done.

The second point of possible interest is that the GUID for the guide is all zero's which is not what is in the database. If either of these two values are used in the search activity I would not expect anything to return on the WHERE clause.