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Full Version: Timeshift Support
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As some of you may be aware TVH does now have some rudimentary timeshift support. However its quite rough around the edges and is not yet in the master branch.

For those of you that are interested in playing with it you will need Frodo beta1 or later + a very recent pvr.hts build (last few days). You should also read this wiki article I've started to write, Timeshift.

Please pay special attention to the WARNING and also the polite request not to tell me "it crashes" because I'm well aware there are several significant issues with the code that I still need to address before it's considered "usable" in the more general sense.

However I do want to try and push it forward and get something working for 3.4, so I've made this more visible so I can get some general feedback. When I feel its a bit more stable and usable I'll most likely push the code into master at which point you can feel free to bug me about all the crashes etc...

Cool & Exciting Smile
Great work adam. Looking forward.
That is awesome. Will be keeping an eye on this!
@Adam - might it be that tvheadend is spamming my disk - even if i don't timeshift at that moment?

ls -al timeshift/timeshift/0/ | wc -l

after playing a channel for about 3 mins. The folder is full of "tvh-6719" files ...
@Memphiz, if you have enable timeshift (which presumably you must have or nothing would happen) then you will indeed be getting a buffer. It's not a "pause" buffer, its a timeshfit buffer, i.e. its a permanent ringbuffer up to the period you specified in the config.

It will not stop generating files unless you leave it paused for longer than the buffer period, at which point the buffer is considered full and writing will stop.

There is some debate on increasing the coarseness of the chunks (currently 1s), but to be honest that'll be worked out later when the rest of the stuff actually works. Which at the moment it does not Sad but I'm not sure who's to blame, I've been trying to get hold of elupus for his input.

Ahh ok - good to know then Smile
haven't tested the new branch yet but did you fix the crash on channel switch that happened nearly every switch before? Smile
Yeah, I think. Though I can't take the credit.

I left some old code in that was now using un init memory.

Hopefully that's fixed things. Now just need to figure out what is needed to make xbmc happy.

i thought what the heck let's try this.
so here are my findings.
latest (yesterday) wsnipex testing build, beta 3, latest pvr addon from http://www.dotnetdevelopers.net/XBMC/xbmcpvr.html

pauze works (tested up to 1 minute)!
on resume/play, after a few seconds, video starts to stutter, sound remains ok.

no files are being created in the timeshift folder while in pause mode on my server, this is strange right?
i entered this: "/mnt/storage/timeshift/" as temp storage path.

i get this in my log, maybe it is related...
13:35:53 T:2952756032 ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: Connect - failed to connect to the backend (Connection refused)
13:35:53 T:2952756032 ERROR: ADDON: Dll Tvheadend HTSP Client - Client returned bad status (1) from Create and is not usable
13:36:03 T:2952756032 ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: Connect - failed to connect to the backend (Connection refused)

Latest commit on the timeshift branch is 759b5b13a0, not sure what you've gotten?
if i go to the 'about' tab in tvheadend it says:
HTS Tvheadend 3.3.199~g759b5b1-dirty

i use the normal tvheadend repo. https://github.com/tvheadend/tvheadend.git
this one did have the 'timshift' option which could be set to 'yes'

should i use another repo?
Wow, thats fabulous!

For me the timeshifting feature works flawlessly the whole day!

The only thing which is not perfect ist the keymap for the appletv, i can't use the buttons for fastforward/rewind.
question to the good people who also try the timeshift feature:
could you check if buffer files are being created in the tvheadend tmeshift folder while timeshifting?

i can timeshift, but no files are created in this folder. i wonder if it's just me Wink
They are created for me even if i don't timeshift ...
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