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Full Version: External scraper - some problems
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Hi Guys,

i'm working on an external scraper, which is scanning folders on my home server and adding them into the MySQL-database.

It's working allmost fine, but i have two problems.

1. I filled actors, actorlinktvshow and actorlinkepisode, but when i open the info of an episode/tvshow in xbmc it is not showing me any linked data (actors, writer, etc). The other way round, when i search tvshows/episodes by actor, the correct episodes are listed. Also actors and thumbnails are listed correctly too. What do i have to do, to get de actors showing in de episodes?

2. Movies are listet correctly, but there is no "info" button in the context menu and by pressing "info" on the remote nothing happens. What is needed to get the Info-Screen working with movies?

Thank you very much for helping!