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Full Version: TVheadendd on server, how to set up windows client?
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Hello everybody,

i am running since a while now with openelec and tvbheadend on my htpc in the living room. now with frodo betas out i gave xbmc another try on my laptop hoping that i could stream the tv from the htpc to the laptop. but sadly i fail.

when i try to enable live tv on my windows laptop it just complains that i dont have a pvr add-on installed but i cant find any pvr add-ons in the settings.

how do i enable tv support as a client in my windows xbmc?

P.S.: I can stream the live tv over the videos menu where i added the ip and port of the htpc as a source, but i am trying to get the full pvr experiance with epg, recordings, timers, etc.
next official beta for windows (beta3) will contain all add-ons