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Full Version: Rescrape movie database
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Hello all!

I'm sort of new here so I probably have a n00b question... I used IMDB scraper for my movie database,but since it is broken, my database doesn't update anymore. Then I setup the universal scraper to use the moviedb info, but still, there are no new movies added to my database (and I downloaded new movies).
How can now I rescrape/update my database? The update library doesnt work....

Thank you for your help.
Need debug log (wiki) of your attempt to scan new movies to the library. Upload log to www.pastebin.com or www.xbmclogs.com and post URL link for the log here with your reply.
Here is the link to the log:

It is strane to me, that there are this listed in the scan, that I don't have on my computer (never downloaded)....
anyone ?