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Full Version: Please help - TV recordings do not refresh
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Hi guys

I'm running Openelec 3.0 Beta 3 (XBMC Frodo) with ArgusTV PVR as my backend.

Everything seems to be working ok for the most part, however my TV recordings list does not update automatically. For example when a recording starts, it does not automatically populate into Live TV > Recordings and may appear in there after quite some time (sometime 15-30 minutes).

This is the most frustrating thing about the PVR functionality at the moment (which is very good) - any ideas on how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance.
Yes this is a problem. It does not automatically reload recordings. You have to click on "Recordings" in the sidemenu and then wait for a while until all are refreshed (you will not get any feedback... just wait).

As i reported here
Ok thank you...