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Full Version: Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
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(2013-05-26, 00:39)TeKo Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, found it in mkvmerge.

Does the switching by flag actually work for windows (elupus 3d branch)
Autoswitch is not yet available in elupus branch. That's something baijuxavior is working on and he will create a pull request on elupus's branch so that it can be merged (he at least said so).
What about conversion HOU->Line Interlaced? I'm very interesting in this, is this available in elupus branch? How can I display my hou movie as line interlaced?
giaur - it's already been said in the thread. Line interlaced is implemented, but only for OpenGL - so only working on Linux atm (not very much tested though). As I'm on windows I can't tell how good/bad it works. You can activated it like any other 3D mode - so the 3D mode switch doesn't control the input type (that one is detected by filename or mkv tag), but the desired output mode.
(2013-05-25, 15:38)da-anda Wrote: [ -> ]For the settings integration - I had some thoughts about it for which I'd like to get your guys opinions. My proposal would be:

a) Add a global toggle for "enable stereoscopic 3D support/features" to "Setting -> System -> Video"
b) if toggle enabled, show the "stereoscopic 3d mode" spinner which reflects the current 3D mode of the GUI below the toggle so that there is always a way to turn 3D mode off and switch GUI back to 2D rendering (even if nothing is playing etc)
c) move the playback related 3D settings to "Settings -> Video -> Playback" divided by a horizontal bar (own group). Those are:
* preferred playback mode
* preferred 3D mode for playback
* turn off 3D mode when playback stoped
d) move subtitle depth settings to "Settings -> Video -> Subtitles"
e) only show any 3D related settings if the global "enable stereoscopic support" toggle is ticked

I know we split up the 3D related settings into chunks by that, but it's IMO the correct thing to do to move them to the same location as anything else related to playback and subtitles. What you think?

This seems the correct way, eventhough I prefer all 3d options in one place. Do you know how to hide "stereoscopic 3d mode" spinner based on the value of "enable stereoscopic 3D support/features"? I searched for a working code, but no success. Disable/enable is possible.
I compiled elupuses 3d branch but there is a lot of stuff missing from the settings.

Did something fail while compiling or is there something like an advanced options settings?

Basically no Video playback options, and for Audio only HDMI and 5.1 everything else is missing.

EDIT: NVM I'm blind...

Is there another up to date 3D branch that I could use?
I have just started to use github. Please try https://github.com/baijuxavior/xbmc/tree/3d
(2013-05-26, 15:55)baijuxavior Wrote: [ -> ]I have just started to use github. Please try https://github.com/baijuxavior/xbmc.

You have to remove the dot at the end.

Great, going to check your branch in the next days.
Edited link. New features will be added as and when completed.
baijuxavior - please create a custom branch in your git repo and add your changes there. The master branch should stay untouched and always reflect upstream. Having all your changes in your custom branch also eases up creating pull requests and work on several features in parallel, each with it's own branch and pull request.

edit: if you like, I can create pull requests of your work on elupus branch. Or ping me on IRC (freenode #xbmc) and I'll help you with git
^^ Thanks. As I said before, I am new to git and yet to learn its functionality. As suggested, I created a custom branch '3d'. Now how can I remove the changes made to the master branch?
you have to "reset" your master branch to head/origin
OK. I reset the master branch. I hope I am doing it right.
looks good so far Smile
edit: I also started to work on some 3D related features and incorporated your "always start XBMC in 2D" commit adapted to my refactoring, see https://github.com/elupus/xbmc/pull/4
I added a few more features like autoswitch gui based on 3d tags detected from file name. 3d detection tags can be changed in advancedsettings.xml. Please see https://github.com/baijuxavior/xbmc/commits/3d
(2013-05-28, 18:02)baijuxavior Wrote: [ -> ]I added a few more features like autoswitch gui based on 3d tags detected from file name. 3d detection tags can be changed in advancedsettings.xml. Please see https://github.com/baijuxavior/xbmc/commits/3d

It's working. I like it Smile. I think you have to add play 3D from 2 video files mux in matroska, or two separate files (left and right).
The 3D frame packing output signal is needed too.
What is the "hardware based" option?

Is it working on omxplayer?

I've noticed that it didn't work with matroska 3D header (I muxed file in matroska with sbs tag).