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Full Version: Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
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I am sure I had this working the other day with a Nightly build, it even showed 3D menus and the likes.

I did Bulk rename all my 3D Files (SBS/OU) with Bulk Renamer to get them all showing 3D Bluray covers (doh), went back to Frodo, now back on latest nightly, but have changed a folder back to xxxx.3D.Bluray.SBS.mkv, it all plays the game, "3D is On" comes on the LG TV, but it stays in 2 picture SBS mode, and even beeps when it comes out of stereoscopic mode, when I press stop. Then LG says 3D is off....

I wonder whats changed ?

Drop the file into PowerDVD window and it shows the same info from the TV saying 3D is on, but it does change into a 3D image, so it shows that hardware/screen setup is ok outside XBMC, but with so many settings now, I think its easy to get confused. Just a 3D button would be easier Smile Not the one on the Video taskbar...its too late by then.
Hi I tried an openelec nightly build today from the 30th October and I noticed that there is a hardware based option in stereoscopic mode. I selected as I have a 3D supported graphics chipset (Intel HD 4000) but it doesn't seem to switch to a 3D mode. I know when I tried an earlier windows build that was posted in this thread it worked. Am I doing something wrong or is this not supported yet?
I tried a hardware based version from this thread for Windows, and it never did anything, well no different than the current Gothams are doing.

Well it did, when I selected Hardware based for the current view, it would jump into side by side for the main menu, I found this common across all these builds and to be honest I don't understand what the first option of current view is, whatever view you are in could change, and why you would be in a constant SBS view in the main menu is beyond me.

As I said I did have this working at one point, I had the perfect storm of a Gotham version, my setup, options setup and it just worked, I am gutted I have been messing about with Builds/Skins and Addons, as I just can't find that sweet spot again. Sad

In fact I have really gone downhill as for some reason today, I lost all options of adding new files, whenever I went to files on either Videos or Music, the only option I had was .., not add Music/Add Video.

So after 2 weeks of messing about, I have just wiped everything to start again. Might have to power up my WD Live Hub again at this rate. Smile
Guys, we need your help. You probably noticed that the next XBMC release (code name Gotham) is on it's way. For this we'd like to make the 3D experience as good as possible for time left until we reach RC state (ofc without breaking stuff, so we probably won't be able to address everything). But one thing we'd like to get fixed is the anaglyph rendering on windows with DXVA enabled and add support for the "interlaced" mode on windows. Unfortunately elupus (our main developer for this) won't have the time to do it and this is why we'd like to ask for help in our community. Is there any windowsndeveloper in here that would like to work on this?
I can't help, sorry but I have one question - no matter what happens, can we be sure that interlaced/anaglyph for linux will be available in stable Gotham? As I can see, only Windows stuff is not finished?
@da-anda, I sent the PM to you.
(2013-11-04, 12:31)giaur Wrote: [ -> ]I can't help, sorry but I have one question - no matter what happens, can we be sure that interlaced/anaglyph for linux will be available in stable Gotham? As I can see, only Windows stuff is not finished?
Everything that is in core atm will be part of Gotham, so yes, it'll be available on OpenGL based systems. Only DirectX is bitching, but windows is the largest userbase IIRC

@afedchin - thanks

It has been a couple of days, and I seem to have tried every combination of TV settings, Nvidia Settings, XBMC settings.

The best I can seem to get on Windows 7, LG 3D Passive TV and Nvidia 650 Graphics card is seemingly recognition by both XBMC and my TV that it has either a SBS or HOU 3D file, but I either get nothing or 4 images.

Has anyone got this working in Nvidia 3DStereoscopic Mode, I am sure I did, just can't work out how to again ?

What does PowerDVD use to open the file in 3D mode, that XBMC cannot ?
PowerDVD is using vendor specific drivers which we don't atm
(2013-11-05, 13:15)da-anda Wrote: [ -> ]PowerDVD is using vendor specific drivers which we don't atm

Ah ok, makes sense.

Can I ask another question, which has me confused, but that is more than likely down to my ignorance.

Why is there an option of current 3D view ? because if you select one, for example SBS, it will change your screen into SBS, even if this were working at the moment, I still don't understand why it is there, you would only want the SBS or any other 3D setting to enable itself when using it, so I don't understand that part at all.
well, this setting is indicating the currently used mode and you can also disable it here in case it didn't switch back for some reason. It's more like a fallback solution to manually change/fix GUI mode while not playing a movie. We could probably hide this setting, but it doesn't harm either.

can someone please explain me how this 3D feature is supposed to work in XBMC? I do have a Panasonic passive 3D TV connect via HDMI to my HTPC running XBMC 13.0 Alpha 9, and when I playback a TAB file, and set XBMC to stereoscopic mode, nothing happens. So:
- is XBMC supposed to control the TV, or do I still have to switch the 3D Button on the TV?
- is it possible to make XBMC render the menus so that they look nice in 3D mode?

Thanks alot.
You will have to enable SBS/OU via your 3D Remote.

I think what should happen in XBMC, is that it ideally should recognise the 3D Format, and then give you double menus, so when you do select the correct format via your remote, then the Menu will also be in 3D. (There are options to select what your common 3D mode is, but there is also an auto same as film option).

I sometimes get it to work, but I have to make sure the TV is not in a 3D mode at the time, and hope it does not think it will go into 3D via a screen change, and then either XBMC detects and creates a double menu, or you select the option from its automatic drop down box, or via the 3D button on the menu, then you select the 3D mode via your TV remote.

I think the easiest way is to get PowerDVD to play them via external player settings tbh.

I have managed to get that 3D menu, but it only appears if I:
- start a 3D movie
- select the 3D Format in the video options
- stop the 3D movie
- start it again.

ABMC then ask me which setting to use, but how can I define keyowrds to automatically detect a file as being 3D?

If you look from post #582 onwards it seems to give a good breakdown.

I have a few that don't automatically work, but I have left them at the moment, my skin recognises them and gives them a 3d Bluray cover, but I need to edit them or tag them at a later date.

If and when ? XBMC can set it all up as Powerdvd does then I will mess about a bit more I think, as it stands its still to much of a fudge about, but its still early days for the 3D side of things I think.