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Full Version: Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
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If I understand correctly, this new feature will support anaglyph rendering (two colors glasses) of 3D video content. Is the amber/blue combination supported? It's supposed to be the one with best color reproduction (cfr. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaglyph_3D...r_channels)
no amber/blue yet. But feel free to create a PR for it Smile
So how exactly is this supposed to work? I have TMT5 set up as an external to play my 3d movies, but I wanted to test out MKV's so I ripped Tangled using MakeMKV. I checked it with MediaInfo and it indeed confirmed that I ripped it as stereoscopic 3D.

I added -SBS to the title and XBMC recognizes this because when I right click and choose DVDPlayer to play it, it asks which mode. When I then choose 3D SBS, I get XBMC split side by side, but the movie actually is not. The movie is just the same as 2D and my TV, a panny plasma, does not recognize a 3D signal unless I go into a menu where the movie is no longer showing. When I play with TMT, the TV recognizes a 3D signal automatically.
I think you might be misunderstanding 3D formats.

Your bluray will have MVC encoded 3D video. That means it has a complete left eye movie, which is what you watch when you want to see it in 2D. It also has a difference track for the right eye, which contains only the differences between the left and right. The right eye view is recreated from this on the fly. It is far more compact than distributing the full movie in two 'views'.

When you rip it with makemkv the ripped mkv will still be MVC.

XBMC cannot play MVC. EDIT TO ADD: there is currently no open source implementation of MVC decoding.

XBMC can play side-by-side and top-and-bottom (aka over-and-under). Those are alternative ripping formats, often available from torrent sites.
another thing to mention is that we currently cannot switch your TV into a 3D resolution for most platforms because there is no shared API among vendors. So we would have to implement vendor specific stuff and ship their libs (i.e. on Windows)
Ok, thanks for the explanation.
(2013-10-13, 17:44)Skank Wrote: [ -> ]In the devcon blog theres a small text saying for xbmc 14 theres a possibility to bump ffmpeg for mvc bluray support..

Why do they say that? Do they know more about someone working on it at ffmpeg or something?
Or is team xbmc working on it?

(2013-10-13, 18:40)Memphiz Wrote: [ -> ]Iirc from the DevCon ffmpeg devs might work on something ...

Is there still something going on there?
Any place we can follow this?
Please move any further posts according this to a Place dedicated to ffmpeg - not xbmc. We are not responsible for ffmpeg roadmap.
ok thx
skank. Without having reaad the devcon log IIRC we said that something like RetroPlayer or an ffmpeg bump with MVC support would justify for new a major release. If this will be 14, 15 or 16 depends on when this stuff is ready.
I see
I hope ffmpeg guys will add mvc support to ffmpeg

I asked at zeranoe forum , but not sure thats right place
Not sure where to ask about mvc progress
or a roadmap.
Anyhow like memphiz said, this doesnt concern xbmc
thx all
ffmpeg.org maybe?
Tried that...
(2013-12-03, 18:16)Skank Wrote: [ -> ]Tried that...

And what did the ffmpeg people say?
cant find a direct way to contact...