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Full Version: Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
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I hope this question isn't too far off topic. Tried posting to the general help forum but never got any replies. I'm trying to get my few 3D movies encoded for xbmc, but there are a few issues. I'm using DVDFab to transcode. I would have preferred to use an uncompressed 3D mkv but this is not possible with DVDFab. So I opted for 3D BDMV instead. I think I've worked out most of my issues with where to place all the files and folders. Here's an example-
The biggest problem I have is that I can't figure out what to name the trailer.

I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. I haven't used BDMV with my 2D videos so this is kind of new. Or maybe there is a better format. Suggestions welcome.
I have strange issue with half over-under files with Frodo and Gotham.

Some of them are rendered correctly (two frames, top and bottom), but some of them strangely decoded as mono.

I check file with BINO - and indeed, two frames. But XBMC strip one of half-frames and scale to full frame. Practically, if I didn't check in BINO, I would think that there is just usual monoscopic video, because nothing indicates opposite in XBMC Smile

Why? How? Smile
use the header editor of mkvmerge GUI (mmg, part of mkvtoolnix) and check the resolutions specified there. Most likely there is something wrong in there.
I checked it already for two files, one which plays correctly and one which is not.
Everything for both video tracks is equivalent! Mystery Smile

I would think that this is kind of exotic with particular file, but I have the same issue for half of OU files.
And there are totally no problems with SBS.
can you provide a sample? You can send the link via PM
I sent you PM
I checked, problem seems to be specific to Android/ARM builds.
I can not reproduce it neither with Frodo nor with Gotham nightly on OSX. On OSX it renders as it should.
Is there any chance to see use of 3D frame packing over HDMI in android builds?
(2014-02-19, 11:04)antst Wrote: [ -> ]Is there any chance to see use of 3D frame packing over HDMI in android builds?

not as long as ffmpeg doesnt support it
Been told 1000 times already
I mean not decoding of MVC, I mean proper output through HDMI 1.4.
I think XBMC is missing some core changes in order to be able to support MVC output in a clean way.
There has been some work from adfedchin where he included proprietary code and used the nvidia/adm driver functions to output frame packing. He supplied a build a few pages back. You could try this. It is unlikely to be added to xbmc though because of the license stuff.
while the builds from adfedchin work for intel/nvidia they still have issues to be resolved in XBMC core, like that XBMC should witch into stereoscopics mode way earlier in it's playback starting process (so before resolution and refresh rate changes apply), also mid-stream changes from 2D to 3D have to be supported in this regard. And only once this is solved we should have a solid technical foundation to see how we can force 3D resolutions for playback and framepacking.
Hi, i am new to xmbc but it is great i wonder if you gys can help me it would be very appreciated. I watch 3d movies but subtitle and menu wont work in 3d mode side by side on my lg tv. i understand why it does this but can i solve it a simple way?
i read you guys talking about something called Gotham and other players I stream only and am pretty new to this but would love to have subtitles working. hope some can help me solve this it would be much appreciated best regards Limi.
Gotham nightlies can be downloaded here. It's still in alpha presently but a beta is expected soon. At this point the nightlies are fairly stable but you could still find a few bugs. It should probably fix all your problems with OSD menus and subs. You'll need to make sure you're using a Gotham compatible skin though. Also I would export my library prior to upgrading so that you can import it rather than having to rescan the whole thing if you have a large collection.