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Full Version: Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
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Hi Guys,

Thank you all for working on this great program, I love it. I as hoping someone could help me with the following.

I run a 3D setup with 2 projectors by creating a 1920x2160 desktop and sending the top half to one projector and the bottom half to the other. As a result on my system 3D is always on and I watch 2D content by simply turning one projector off. As a result I would like to turn on 3D mode when Kodi starts. Right now I do this by editing StereoScopicsManager.cpp, compling and installing. I would much prefer to do this with a script or command, so that I don't have to re-compile every time there is an update, but can simply upgrade. It this possible to do? And if so, how?
@Enkhil- you can use a python addon that's running on startup and setting the stereomode
Thanks Da-anda, I'll look into that.

Is this hard to do? (I have 0 experience with Python).
for somebody that knows how to write python addons it's probably done in 2-3 mins - so it's not really complex. You can do this by either calling a "builtin" method (easier) or by calling our JSON-RPC via python (a bit more complex due to JSON-RPC). I'm unfortunately not good at Python stuff so I can't really help with that - I only know it's possible because I added the required functions to the builtins and JSON-RPC and both can be triggered via Python.
Ok, thanks Da-anda, I will give it a shot and see if i can make this work.
Just downloaded hobbit 5 armies in 3d and the same with this file too.
(2015-03-10, 20:07)TIMCSS Wrote: [ -> ]Just downloaded hobbit 5 armies in 3d and the same with this file too.

Just a guess, but if these problem videos were downloaded from the internet there's no telling what settings were used for encoding. Just because the headers say sbs doesn't mean it wasn't actually encoded as tab/ou. Have you tried playback as tab? Or better yet, test with a video you ripped yourself so that you can be sure of the encode settings used.
What exactly are you setting the TV to?
@TIMCSS while playing the video, please open up video OSD and set the correct stereoMode there, just to be sure the video doesn't have the wrong flag in the meta-data. If it's still borked after that a Debug Log might be good to have
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Da-anda. It was really simple, I made a autoexec.py file in my user settings folder with:

import xbmc


That was all that was needed.
Who want to join to testing hardware based Stereoscopic 3D support please follow to the Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread.
(2015-03-10, 20:07)TIMCSS Wrote: [ -> ]Just downloaded hobbit 5 armies in 3d and the same with this file too.

I can't view your image from work, so I'm not sure what you are showing, but I have a Sony Bravia 3D TV, and when I play an SBS file with KODI with 3D features enabled, I get a doubling of the image on top and bottom (4 images), or sometimes I could not even select SBS from the TV menu, as that option would disappear. Some flag or trigger was getting sent to the TV that messes it up. I removed all 3D and SBS text from the filename to play like a normal video. I can then select SBS on the TV menu and play properly.
Hi All,

Running into a strange issue where subtitles are being centred on the right border of the video (that is, in the middle on dual-screen mode). Movie is set to Monoscopic and watch in 2D is checked. This only seems to affect encoded subs, downloaded subs display correctly (centre of monoscopic screen).

It happens on and off during the same viewing of the video. Sometimes it is centred, other times it is on the right hand border.
I have a Mini M8S. From few days ago 3d movies do not display ok. I see just half a display

What to do?
I´m using "Kripton" version.....still doesn´t detect Nvidia 3D vision...........