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Full Version: Frodo and ISO files?
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I recently started over with XBMC and did a fresh install of Frodo (did not upgrade from eden). I have noticed each time I start XBMC it does a library scan and finds new items and says downloading artwork for those movies. Once it completes I noticed those movies are not listed in the library, even though they were listed in the old Eden library, Again I didn't upgrade I did a fresh install. I also noticed each time I launch XBMC it finds the same movies but fails to add those to the library. All of those are older films I ripped to an ISO prior to doing MKV. Yes I need to re-rip these but I am curious if Frodo handles ISO files differently than Eden did.
Can you post the folder/filenames you're having problems with? Also you can turn on debugging, do the update library and check the logs for any errors on adding to the library. It could even simply be a regexp change not picking them up properly. If you don't find anything obvious in the debug log, post it here as well.
Sorry for the lack of response. I just haven't had time to play with xbmc as much as I would like recently. However, I started XBMC and paid attention to the files it was finding, jotted down 3 titles that it said it found during the library update and then went into my server to compare. There are a mix of file types having the problem, not just ISO as I first thought. I am going to enable debug as Malosar suggest and find out what is going on with these films. Doesn't seem to be a problem with Television shows, just movies. But it is a mix of MKV and ISO files, so it's not an issue with just ISO. It's odd, these films/files were listed in Eden. Just updated to RC1 last night and the problem is still there. Will respond once I get a chance to examine some logfiles.