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Full Version: Dialogprogress.xml in pm iii (pal)
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i'm not sure if the code is suppose to handle the progress bar's display or if it is controlled by the skin now.

i have to set the following control's visibility to yes for the progress bar to display.

     <description>progress control</description>
it could be due to the default progress control (in references.xml) being set to <visible>no</visible>.

is it that still in cvs? think that was changed after charly changed some stuff about that. shouldn't have a conditional set at all i think. conditionals clash with code set visibility.

welcome back jonathan, in cvs, dialogprogress.xml has this <visible>no</visible> for the <type>progress</type>.

it's been like this for a while, just recently the progressbar hasn't been showing up for me anyways.

i just wasn't sure if the skin files needed to be changed.

@elupus, yes removing that line from dialogprogress.xml does bring back the bar.

(nuka1195 @ sep. 06 2005,18:16 Wrote:welcome back jonathan,
if only he was Smile

he's currently on vacation and checks in now and then from various eu internet café's
it has been fixed in cvs for a week or 2 now
oops, yes it was. i had a backup of it in my customized files and missed the change.

sorry, thanks