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Full Version: Refresh TV show and banner erased
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I use the fanart view in transparency 4. Every now and and then, I refresh a TV show's information and every time I do this, the TV show banner is erased. I have to manually browse to the Tv server and readd it.

Tonight, I made the mistake of refreshing the entire TV library (Set Content to None, then Set Content back to tV), and every tv show banner is gone.

Is there a way to get them back without deleting the entire library and starting over?
Why was this moved to general xbmc help? It is a problem with the transparency skin - it doesn't happen when i use other skins.
i moved it as this is not a skin issue.
at best, it's a bug in xbmc 'triggered' by Transparency!

skins can't delete images, or wipe info from your db.
they are just a dumb gui.
Sorry, ronie, I was wrong about your skin, that's not the cause.

After my last post, I realised if it was a transparency problem, i should just switch to another skin, do the refresh, then switch back.

I found that it was happening in other skins, but only on that user profile.

I think now it's a multi-user bug. On my primary user, this does not happen. On my secondary (parents) user, it does happen. Since the secondary user was using transparency, I assumed that was the culprit.

Has anyone else seen this when using multiple user profiles?