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Full Version: Problems scrapping movies, even with Just Use the File Name scraper
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I am having a little difficulty getting some of my files scrapped properly and was hoping for a little direction.

I went through my library and got all but about 10 of my movies to be scraped properly. When using the standard MDB scraper (even went with the universal scrapper and no luck), it does not grab those random 10 movies. I am ok with that because of the movies that they are. They aren't in IMDB or anything like that. Technically 2 of those are, but even with the right naming, they don't get scraped right. Not a big deal.

So, with a little research, I found the Just Use the File Name scraper. When I downloaded from the XBMC site, and went to install via zip, it gave me a structure not supported. OK, head over to Google, and others seem to have the same problem. The solution, unzip it and put the metadata.justusethefilename.org folder into the add-on folder in the userdata folder. Ok, I can do that. Once I did that, I can't get to load anything up.

I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what, but I cannot find that scraper anywhere, every after a couple reboots. When I try to edit the source, and choose the right scraper, it doesn't pop up or anything like that.

Any suggestions on what's going on here? Would pasting a log of anything help? And, for what its worth, I am running an Apple TV, Gen 1, with the latest stable release, which if I am correct should be 11.0.

Have you tried creating .nfo files for these problematic movies? Since there are only 10 movies involved, it may be simpler than trying to get another scraper to work. See here: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Imp...rt_library (Don't let the "Import-export library" title dissuade you; read the topics on .nfo files for movies).
I gave a it a look through last night when getting all the naming dialed in, but wasn't 100% sure on creating them. I doesn't seem to tricky (just create a folder with the .mp4 file in it and one XML file with the coding from the wiki in it), but I have never needed to make something like that.

While that does seem like a work around for the problem and should solve the issue, I guess I am just confused why the Just use the file name scrapper doesn't load up or work..

Thanks for the info and the suggestion...
The .nfo files can be as simple or complex as you want. Just create an .nfo file with the same name as your movie file. Each movie/nfo file set does not have to be in their own unique folders (but you can if you want); the movie and nfo files just have to be in the same folder as each other.

For example, if your movie is called abcdef.avi, then create a file called abcdef.nfo with the following contents:
  <title>Title of movie as it will appear in library</title>
Just update your library and you should now see an entry for "Title of movie as it will appear in library".

However, if you're going through the trouble of creating .nfo files for these movies, you might as well provide a bit more information to enrich the library entries and to allow filtering by various criteria.
  <title>Title of movie as it will appear in library</title>
  <director>Alan Smithee</director>
  <plot>Blah, blah, blah</plot>
     <name>Dudley Doright</name>
    <name>Snidely Whiplash</name>
As much or as little as you want... you get the idea. See the link I posted above for more options/examples.
Thanks for all that info. I didn't think it was all that tricky to create the file, I just never have needed to. I always used the library view. But now, with some of the apps/widgets on my Android devices, I am starting to get a bit pickier about how things are labeled.

And I agree, if I am going through the trouble to create the file (again, not much work), I might as well put a little more useful info into the file, like plot and all that good stuff.

Between the wiki link that explains everything pretty clearly, and the couple extra points you suggested, I should have no problem getting the couple files figured out.

Thanks again.. I appreciate the speedy and thorough help..