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Full Version: Android Remote Setup Troubles
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Hey folks. I'm having some issues with setting up my XBMC Android remote. It's the official remote, FYI.
When I try to setup through the app's setup wizard, it doesn't accept the data I give it (Host Name, IP Addy, Port 8080)
I know this is probably just an error on my part, but I can't seem to figure out what data it needs to work.
Is the host name my computer's name or the name I gave to XMBC?
Is the IP Addy the local IP or external?
What options inside XMBC should I activate to allow the remote to communicate?
Thanks for any help. I appreciate it.
yes, you need to "allow control of xbmc via http" or something like that in xbmc settings. make sure the ports are the same, and i've had better luck putting in a password, rather than leaving them blank.
can someone point me to a beginner's guide on how to set this remote up? Can't figure out the hosts, it's not accepting the IP addresses even after allowing HTTP in the settings.
are you on frodo? i think there's a different remote you need to use till he updates it.
Not on Frodo yet. Thanks for the point in the right direction.
Hello everyone.

Related to the remote set-up. I needed to navigate to My Music folder everytime I click on Music in the remote, where as on Movies the movie list with the posters immediately appears when I click on the Movies. I used the same procedure linking the databases for both movies and music. Is here any thing I missed setting the music up? Thanks for all the help.
Ive got similar problem has anyone come up with a fix at all?