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Full Version: SSH/SFTP Buffering - Fine on SCP! What?
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Bit of a strange one this...

I've mapped my NAS using SSH/SFTP. When trying to play a large movie (10GB) I would get constant buffering - ever few minutes it would pause, buffer, play, repeat.

I thought this might be a speed problem with my LAN. So, I used SCP to copy the file from the NAS to the XBMC box. Total transfer time was 20 minutes which, for a two hour movie, indicates that the problem isn't with the speed of my network.

Indeed, I was able to watch the file from local storage while it was streaming over SCP.

Here are my questions...
1) What causes this buffering?
2) Obviously it's not network speed - can I increase the cache somewhere?
3) Failing that, is there a way to automatically copy the whole file to a temp drive while I'm watching it?


XBMC 11 (OpenElec) running on an ASRock 330HT.
SCP Command doesn't use the same library as we are, so the test doesn't really do it justice. You could try doing the same copy in xbmc file manager and see how long it takes.

Also, when you are copying WHILE playing your using the CPU for both decrypting AND decoding/showing the GUI. You need to take into account that SFTP is a rather CPU intense streaming mode.