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Full Version: XBMC Repository
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I am looking for the new CU LRC Lyrics add-on in the official repository.
I had Eden installed and the only 2 add-ons are the old CU Lyrics and LRC Lyrics.
(System->Add-ons->Get Add-ons->XBMC.org Add-ons->Lyrics)

I installed Frodo for Android on my Galaxy Note (XBMC Version 12.0 - Beta 2) (Fresh install) - and the repository shows 3 add-ons:
CU Lyrics, LRC Lyrics and the CU LRC Lyrics add-on (the one I am looking for).

So I upgraded my PC to 12.0 - RC1 and tried to find the add-on, and what do you know, there are STILL only 2 add-ons listed in the repository.

Is there any cache I need to flush or delete to to get my PC to re-read the repository so I can see the add-on?