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Full Version: No Information Found for Item ?
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I noticed the other day that a few movies of mine aren't being included in my library, such as:

13:26:02 T:5024 WARNING: No information found for item 'D:\Media\Video\Movies\HD\The Cabin in the Woods (2011)\The Cabin in the Woods.mkv', it won't be added to the library.

I'm using the latest Frodo RC, and the "Universal Scraper". I've also tried just the MovieDB scraper, no change.

Does this mean the scraper can't find the movie given whatever metadata it has? Or that something else is going on?

Thanks in ad[/code]vance.
Change the year to 2012 and it should scrape using TMDB.org
(2012-12-14, 08:17)Ardalista Wrote: [ -> ]Change the year to 2012 and it should scrape using TMDB.org

Thanks. What's weird is that I thought XBMC would still show the item in the library, just wouldn't have the info.. has something changed in Frodo/etc-- ie, if it can't be scraped, it just isn't shown in the library at all?
If it isn't scraped it will never show in library, IIRC it has always been like this and will probably remain so.