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Full Version: Playback issues with BD iso's
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I recently built a HTPC. I am running xbmc in Windows 7. I tried other programs and in my opinion xbmc is by far the best in my opinion. At this point all I use it for is playing back a large .iso library off of external drives connected directly via usb 3.0. With some tweaking in the settings i got the BD iso's to play smoothly, but the issue is when I play back some of the BD iso's I get this scrambled picture of different colors over the image and it only occurs when the movie changes from one shot to the next. Within a second it goes normal then if the shot changes the same thing over and over again. If the shot doesn't change picture looks great. It only happens on some BD iso's and others are fine. Every other program I have played the BD iso's with they play fine. Any suggestions? I really want to stick with xbmc.