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Full Version: EPG Timeline Bug?!
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At the moment I'm using Argus TV together with XBMC Frodo RC1.

Always when I try to navigate to the right in the EPG timeline my XBMC crashes.

I suppose that it has something todo with the fact that I try to navigate over the end of the day.
I also have this problem, and Im using mediaportal addon , not Argus.
I wasn't sure it wasn't something I was doing wrong though since this is a new install for me.
Also, an empty EPG will cause xbmc to crash also.
Same exact problem here... is it a argus problem? have you guys tried another backend?
I am trying to track this issue since early alphas, if you can post more details about your setup it might help here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=148298

I had this problem with a new installation. I added some new channels at the back end (ARGUS) and reset the database. I have not seen it happen since then

Edit: What I said above is wrong. I saw this problem with an old installation. Later windows crashed on me and I had to start from fresh - I have not seen this happen since then
I got the crash in a debugger. Callstack in post above.