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Full Version: TV Genre Fanart
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Here is the link to tv genre fanarts (all genres used by tvdb)


Use them as you wish.

ATM ive rescraped my tv shows to match the genre names and added the fanarts as I would movies.
That way I can have separate fanarts for tv and movies. (also have optimized the size of the files)

(Or you could also just use the folder as a generic extra fanart forder)
Anyway heres a couple of sample pics

Action and Adventure





(Thanx to ShadowTek for sourcing 99.9% of the images)

EDIT - (10/09/2015) - added further tv genres - adventure,crime,family,horror,mystery and thriller
77 views.............Any comments (or thank yous) would be most appreciated
Great work man, I think its the best genre art pack here!
Great. just what I've been looking for. Thanks m8
Great work
Looks fantastic, thanks a lot.
I have been using these for a while! They are great. Thanks!
Where do i put these
you can use them as multiple fanart on home screen OR if you are daring enough you can edit your tv genres to match the filenames for the artwork and put the artwork in your genres folder with the movie genres.
I use ember media manager so it made it easy-ish to add new genres and edit my existing tv shows genres
Thanks... These are great.
excellent thanks for this been looking all day on google images and come across this here so big thanks for your work
glad you found them Smile
EDIT - (10/09/2015) - added further tv genres - adventure,crime,family,horror,mystery and thriller
very nice thanks for these they look great by any chance is their any way to get those templates to add my own images thanks
sorry man but I keep these templates for myself - no shares Sad