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Full Version: How long should thumbs take to generate?
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Just wondering - how long should the Recently Added thumbnails take to be generated (with a quite large library).

That is, every day a few new episodes come in or whatever, and I kind of expect the thumbs to be generated fairly quickly as they come in, but very often it takes quite some times - 10 minutes or more - before they fill in. Sometimes quite a bit longer even....even if XBMC just idling away...I would have though there was ample grunt left in the system for these to be generated fairly quickly.

Client is Win 7 64 bit Frodo RC1 (and AMD A6 machine), server Win7 64 bit running nfs for streams, and mysql for library sharing. Thumbs are stored locally on each machine, not path subs etc.

It depends on exactly where they're viewed probably, but it certainly shouldn't take 10 minutes - 10 seconds is more than enough in most cases.
Confluence home screen...that's what I thought....

Hmm, so debug log I guess to work out where the issue is??
I've noticed recently added images not generating on home screen also, but if you go into the recently added list (videos-->recently added episodes) then back to home screen they show up..
Yeah it may be a refresh issue. Two jsut now generated quite quickly but very often I have black holes on the home screen for extended periods. I'll try and catch it in the act.
Ok - not a minimal log, but here there is a Survivor thumb that takes way longer than 10 seconds to generate: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/108804/xbmc.log

There;s a bunch of ffmpeg errors around line 4477 that last a good couple of minutes.

Sorry for the length but needed to catch it in the act....