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Full Version: No subtitles
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Since last week I've had this problem:
On Discovery HD the subtitles wouldn't show up anymore. After doing some investigation I discovered that it is the only channel that has non-hardcoded subtitles. In the audio/video settings menu the subtitles are enabled and selected, but they won't show.
It started on xbmc-xvba-eden. I updated to Frodo RC2 but the problem is still there.
In VLC I get some kind of "undf codec not supported" error when I open the stream.

I'm not sure if this is a xbmc issue or a TVHeadend issue. What I do know is that it works fine on other STB's.
Anyone got a clue?

I've found these 3 posts:

The last post is most likely the same problem. Is there a workaround to get subtitles back in xbmc?