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Full Version: TVHeadEnd 3.2 - EPG now useless ..
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just updated from the pulseight repo version 2.99.something to your tvheadend HTS Tvheadend 3.2.18~g40a8920~precise (ppa stable) ..

.. updating went without hassles ..

But now EPG is no longer working like it did all the time before update..

See the screenie ..


I'll probably have guessed, that "FM4 UNTER TANNEN MIT MICHAEL OSTROWSKI" won't be shown on every second available channel .. so what the hell ?!?

Btw. "DAS VIERTE" won't show news from the RTL Channel ..

So, what happend ?


second screenie:

"Der Mann der K├Ânig sein wollte" is shown on 8 different channels ...


btw. merry christmas and a happy new year folks !

I don't know what happened, but to fix it, try:

System->Settings->Live TV->General->Reset the PVR database
System->Settings->Live TV->EPG->Reset the EPG database
after update I first reseted the EPG database ..
I deleted the epg db files in the hts tvheadend subdir and restarted the server .. now everything seems to be fine ... btw .. much better epg information than before .. good work !


There were some issues with 2.x to 3.x EPG migration, it works most of the time but does sometimes fail and leave the DB in a mess. To be honest I probably should have just junked the old EPG data and force users to wait for next update, as it would have at least caused less confusion.

Glad you got it sorted though