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Full Version: No scan progress and missing channels
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I'm using TVheadend on Raspbmc. Going through the portal on, I've got the adapter recognised but when I do "Map DVB services to channels" it seems there's no progress indicator, so I have no idea when it's finished. If I go to Channels, I can see it add new channels from time to time, so I guess if I watch it for a few minutes and nothing happens I can guess it's finished but I can't be sure and a indication of some sort would be preferable.

I'm also finding it's not picking up the channels on Mux C25 (506.00Mhz) http://www.ukfree.tv/txdetail.php?a=TQ339712 I've got an identical tuner on my PC which uses the same aerial and that finds them, so I don't think it's a signal problem.

Actually, I've just looked under the Services tab and they are there but for some reason they've not been mapped to Channels. I've tried clicking "Map DVB services to channels" again but it doesn't seem to do anything now.

Also, once I've got all the services mapped to channels properly for tuner1 (my K-World 499U is a dual DVB-T tuner) is there any way to copy the mapping to tuner2 or do I have to go through the length mapping process all over again?

For the tuning issue, it's probably worth manually adding the mux and double checking all the options. it's usually okay on auto for all that have auto and I think it's 8 for the bandwidth.

once you have the 5 muxes (5xdvb-t, 1xdvb-t2) on the one card, you can select them all from the multiplexers tab and tell it to copy to other adapter, then in my experience, pressing the map services button on the second adapter will link them up. I had to manually do the ones that weren't broadcasting when I configured it though. That should get 95% of them, then you can manually map the remainders.

It seems it is finding the channels under Service, just it hasn't mapped the channels on that particular mux to Channels for some reason.

Maybe I should wipe everything and start again. Any idea how to do that?
The settings are usually held in /home/hts/.hts on Linux systems if you want a sledge hammer :-)

Alternativly you can click on a service and press shift+down to select multiple and then press delete.

Don't know what difference you'll find doing it a second time though.
Thanks. Yeah, who knows. Worth a try though. Maybe I interrupted the mapping and it's got stuck in some bugged out state.
You need to open the system log at the bottom. Then you'll see messages charting the service mapping progress.
(2012-12-25, 19:27)Begall Wrote: [ -> ]You need to open the system log at the bottom. Then you'll see messages charting the service mapping progress.

Thanks, I'll take a look at that.
In the TV adapters/services tab, look at the Channel Name column. If any services say "unmapped", just type in the channel name and save changes. Then try "Map DVB services to channels" in the General tab.
Thanks, I'll do that.