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Full Version: Retore from backup
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I have made a backup of my hts folder on my nas.

I have then copied over to /home/myuser/

Initially I am unable to log in, but setting myuser as owner and allowing read/write access to all solves this problem.

I do not however see any configuration loading into tvheadend. No sat config/channels/tags etc

If anyone could please offer me help, I would be very appreciative.


I recently made a backup of my hts folder in preparation of migrating to a newer system and was planning to do the same thing. When you say the 'myuser' folder do you mean your personal home folder? The files need to go back in the .hts folder, I think you also need to stop the hts service before you do this. I know you need to set permissions to copy into that folder, but it looks like you're aware of that. If you were referring to the .hts folder and a direct copy doesn't work, then I'll need help soon too.Sad
I managed to get it to work as I suggested.
Buy had to re-install tvheadend over the top once I had copied the files into the folder. However I face a new problem with epg downloads missing a massive amount of channels (open TV - UK)