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Full Version: Frodo with MediaPortal. can not get any channels into XBMC
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Hello everyone, I have installed Frodo with MediaPortal service and TvServiceXBMC plugin and everything works as it should in MediaPortal but can not get any channels into XBMC
what do I do?Huh
Can you give me the steps you've taken to setup channel information?
TVServer side looks ok from the pictures.

Can't guess if you have followed the following two wiki pages for the XBMC side of the story:
Wiki: PVR/Backend/MediaPortal
Make sure that you have enabled both the PVR addon and the TV option in XBMC itself.

Could you enable debug logging in XBMC and upload your xbmc.log file on Pastebin.com or XBMClogs and post the link here?