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Full Version: Experimental Support for Skin Widgets
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I got bored today, so I added support to Confluence for Skin Widgets (more info on skin widgets is available here). If you'd like to download the modified files, you can get them here. With these mods, recent items will use skin widgets as long as skin widgets is installed. If you disable or uninstall skin widgets, you'll get the default confluence recently added items back. You can choose separately to show random items instead for TV Shows, Movies, and Albums.

Two quick notes:
  1. In order to make the display as smooth as possible when starting or reentering the home screen, I hid the widgets until all the items are loaded. That means if you have less than 10 items in your TV, Music, or Movie library you won't see the widget at all.
  2. The mod required some additional text. The updated English and English (US) language files are included. I unfortunately can't translate the rest of them.
Here are a few screen shots:

Movies home screen showing random movies.

Music home screen showing random albums.

TV Show home screen showing recent episodes.

Changes to the skin settings.
i want, i want, i need, i need Wink
In case the link to the files isn't visible (I tend to use descriptive links rather than URLs), here's the full link:

Out of interest, what changes did you make so that the widgets could start .strm files?
NM. I worked it out.

Thanks anyway
Oh good, because I never made any specific changes to get the stream files working. I didn't know they were broken. Wink
A question about the recent added items, i have video nodes. Witha filter from the path they come from ( example: ftp://mynas/documentaries) i would like to be able to add this documentaries to my tvshows video library, filter them by video node and the have the recently added files for that path, so i can add documentaries, concerts, family videos. hope i explain my self, ideas?
You might want to look through the actual skin widgets support thread.


All this post really was was a link to some mods I did (a year and a half ago at this point) to get skin widgets into Confluence.