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Full Version: Shoutcast Broadcaster
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I run a shoutcast radio station and would LOVE the ability to broadcast through XBMC.. any way this is possible or can somebody script an addon for it?

There is a Shoutcast 2 add-on in the default XBMC.org repository. Is your station listed there? Which station is it?
How do you mean? Playing music through XBMC out to your shoutcast server? For that I recommend something like Sam Broadcaster

However are you looking for an addon that you can play your music from the shoutcast server to your XBMC?
Yeah, I want to broadcast from XBMC to shoutcast. It's DJ Seatreader. It's not on very much because I work on the M/S Pride of America in Hawaii, i usually just DJ radio style for friends but don't have anything to upload with X.x Sam Broadcaster you say?