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Full Version: USB IR receiver prevents boot up when connected
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I've been playing with XBMCBuntu (Frodo RC1) for a few days now and I'm very impressed with it so far. I've got most things working fine but my biggest problem at the moment is that my USB IR receiver prevents the laptop from booting when connected at startup. I just get a completely black screen and it never gets past that point. However, if I unplug the USB IR receiver and reboot, it boots into XBMC with no problems. I can even then plug in the USB IR receiver back in and can successfully control the system using the remote, I just can't boot with it plugged in.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues or have any ideas what to try? I'm quite new to the Ubuntu OS so I'm not quite sure how to proceed on this. Here's what I've tried so far:

- Tried all 4 USB ports on the laptop. All give the same result.
- Tried enabling Ubuntu boot logging but nothing at all was logged for the failed boot.

I'm not sure if this is an XMBC issue or an Ubuntu issue. I'm guessing probably the latter as it happens really early on in the boot sequence.

Any help gratefully received.
No, try this, turn off TV with the usb IR connected and boot machine.

Confirm that machine boots fine while TV is turned off.

Thanks for the fast reply. The behaviour is the same when the laptop is completely disconnected from the TV.
Here is what stops the boot. Both the TV and The LCD scree emit Infra red light from the CCFL bulbs, this in turn floods the USB IR while it is being initialized on boot and hangs the whole lot.

Solution. Turn on TV for about an hour until the CCFL have stabilized and then Turn machine on with the IR connected same goes for laptop on machine it must be stabilized so it doesnt affect boot.

The problem is sensitivity on the IR receivers, there is no way to turn it down and they are way too sensitive with newer kernels.

The problem is the same, both you r TV and LCD emit this infrared light when they start up, when they warmed up it stabilizes.

Anyway its a sensibility thing with the current kernel and drivers and initialization. not XBMC.

You can mask the IR receiver with tape, or for e.g. old sunglases, old 35mm negative film 3ply. The normal infrared will still go through, but the CCFL flood will not.

Thanks uNiversal but I don't think it's an issue with IR flooding. The IR receiver has a light on it which illuminates when it detects any IR signals. The light is completely off while the laptop is booting and also when it hangs. I have also just tried out the theory by masking the sensor completely with my hand and it still hangs at bootup.

Your response does however explain why the receiver seems to constantly be receiving a signal when XBMC is working fine, even when I'm not pressing any buttons on the remote - been wondering about that for a while.
I have studied this matter in some detail and have done research on this, because my machine connected to a TV with a embedded receiver did suffer from this.

Either way, what you choose to do or not do or accept or not is not up to me FACT is all LCD back-lights (CCFL bulbs) output some level of IR light that buggers up the initialization process. This can be fixed.

It is clearly not a XBMC problem however.

Just a SWAG, but if you have BIOS set to boot on USB, trying disabling this option and see if it makes any difference when booting with your IR receiver attached.
Thanks artrafael. I've just tried that but unfortunately, it makes no difference.
I've seen the same behavior with other USB devices (computer won't get past the POST screen when the device in questions is plugged in). Do you get past the boot loader etc. or does it hang on the BIOS screen? If it's the former it's most likely a hardware problem.
It gets past the BIOS screen, then I get the list of options for starting Ubuntu (Ubuntu, Advanced Options for Ubuntu and memory test options), then there seems to be an animation where the whole screen fades to white, then the screen goes completely black. I don't see anything else apart from that
i have the same problem whith ubuntu and win 7.
it propebly something whith the mother board or the bios config. it happend only with ir receivers.
cant get a selution. hope that somone here can do it.
Boot with your TV turned off and see.

my tv is my screen. there is a way to disable the tv ir? or to make the reciever ignor it?
I said when you boot your system, try turning your TV OFF at least for the first 10 seconds. OR make sure your TV has been ON fro at lewast 10 minutes prior to booting your HTPC.

Try it and see if your IR is still a problem with either scenario I suggested.

And no there is no way to do what you ask its not the problem, read a couple of pages back until then edn of thread.

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