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Full Version: Argus, Windows 7, Frodo RC2 choppy playback
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Today, I installed Frodo RC2 with Argus as PVR server. I used to use a custom Eden build with PVR addon with MediaPortal TV Server (now deactivated because of Argus) which worked fine but the setup of the channels was quite a pain. Frodo/Argus is a huge improvement to be honest!

- I deactivated MediaPortal first
- Then I installed and configured Argus
- I installed Frodo RC2 (and later the nightly of 20121225)
- I have 5 ATSC channels in my Live TV list
- I am using Win7 with Hauppauge HVR-2250 TV Tuner card, i3 2105 CPU, 8Gb of RAM, SSD...

My main problem is that most (all except one to be exact) TV channel output are choppy (video lags, no sound, hanging video then fast forward, etc). The strange thing is that one of those channels paybacks just fine (1080 picture resolution).

Using Argus Scheduler Console, I can watch to all 5 channels just fine (it playbacks in VLC).

Anyone experienced a similar issue? Thanks!
I am having the exact same issue. My setup is the same: Frodo, Argus TV. I am using an HDHomerun tuner. I can view all 10 broadcast channels just fine in Argus Scheduler (VLC Player). However, in XBMC almost all of the channels hang, or buffer, or stagger.

Any help would be appreciated.