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Full Version: Frodo RC2 and above best installation practices
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Been using XBMC off-and-on for several years. Its lack of PVR function was a great stumbling block. But now that Frodo RC2 has been released, putting it all together seems like a win-win situation. I am a believer in doing a clean install of a new version like Frodo RC2. When I say a clean install, I mean it. First wipe the HDD, then install the operating system (Win 7 or 8 in my case) and then a fresh install of Frodo and whatever else is necessary. This is for a dedicated HTPC.

I have spent a lot of time reading all I can about FRC2 and back ends and add-ons. The result is much confusion on my part. So, assuming a completely clean install, can someone answer the following questions?

Do the add-ons and clients necessary to interface with the popular back ends already come with FRC2 and above? For example, if I choose to use ARGUS, what parts of ARGUS do I avoid installing because FRC2 already has them?

What is the best order to install all the parts necessary for an excellent clean install of FRC2 and ARGUS and what parts should be installed in what order? I am guessing that ARGUS should be installed first, and if there are parts of ARGUS already in FRC2, that some parts of ARGUS should not be installed until FRC2 does it when it is installed. I do not know what to do. And yes, I have read the WIKI. I am still confused.

I live between two OTA TV markets. I have one antenna aimed at one market and another antenna aimed at another market. I also plan to go for clear QAM if available. So I will have three tuners with three different media sources. Is it possible to get accurate EPG results of what is available in each market and on clear QAM? In prior attempts to accomplish this with other software, I am asked for my zip code and only get one listing on my EPG. That listing is for the nearest market. Will XBMC with ARGUS allow me to get different listings for each source or merge them all into one simple to use program guide? If all listings are available, one way or another, will XBMC select the proper tuner for the proper channel when a given channel is selected? Are there instructions regarding these issue somewhere? I have been unable to find instructions for that.

Thanks for any help you can give.