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Full Version: Argus Server/Client 2.0.1 (Win7) + XBMC (ATV2-FrodoRC2)
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Having some problems with this configuration, but admittedly, I've never tried to set Live TV up before.

Argus is set up on my server downstairs. I've discovered channels using my usb tuner and connected channels to services. I cannot get the EPG guide to work, but at this point, I just want to start watching live tv through my XBMC/AppleTV2. Small steps. As an aside, how to I view the TV channels from the server to make sure that piece is working?

I've set up the Argus PVR client on XBMCApple TV2 and can see all my channels listed, but when I select one it throws an error saying "Time out waiting for buffer file". So I don't think I'm getting the actual stream.

What am I missing here. What information do you all need to debug??
Having exactly the same issue.

EPG is working and I have just loaded all the channel logos (priorities Wink) I can see all the channels listed, but when selecting one I get the same error message "Timeout waiting for buffer file". Frodo RC2 XBMC and ATV2 (i'm using a Win8 Machine running the Argus Server 2.0.1 though).
I have tested all the shares and I can access the stream on the localhost using VLC. Just not over the network on the ATV2.
OK so fixed it

turns out I had missed something/made an assumption

Sharing the "TV Recordings" folder with 'Everyone' doesn't actually share it with everyone. It is an extra step in the install guide for Win7/Win8 where you need to share with a specific user.

I did 2 things (not sure which worked).

1. Created a user on the Windows machine (local account) the same user name as the Argus-TV server username and password.
2. Using the homegroup sharing and advanced sharing options made sure my new user had read/write access to the "TV Recordings" Share.

Simple thing to miss, I assumed share with "Everyone" meant just that.

Stream works fine and Live TV all good Smile