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Full Version: How to switch radio channels?
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I recently added radio channels (via IPTV) to my Tvheadend channel list. I can select radio stations under XBMC under "Radio channels" under "LiveTV" from the channel list. This works fine, but once a channel is playing I cannot switch to the next/previous channel:
- The channel up/down keys work fine for TV channels, but do nothing for radio channels.
- When pressing the chapter next/previous buttons a message "No items found in the playlist" is displayed.
- A workaround is to stop the stream and manually selecting another channel from in the channel list. This gets old real quick since it's three kepresses to go up/down one channel...

Is there some trick I am missing?

I also noticed that when channel is playing, the title seems to be X.pvr where X is the enumerated channel ID. Shouldn't this be the channel name assigned to the channel in Tvheadend?
not implemented in frodo, sorry.